Apology from Karen Lynne

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Karen Lynne 04

Just sending my sincere apologies out to all my friends and supporters out there who have gone to the web site for information in the last 6 months or so to find it not updated.

2005 was an incredibly busy year what with an overseas tour, a new album and now a baby on the way!.. as a result I wasn’t able to organise the regular updates. We are finally getting ‘back on track’ and so if you bear with us,.. and keep checking in on us now & then over the next few months you should finally see the changes happening that have been sorely due over the last few months.

The most important thing is that I have released a beautiful new album and it is now listed on the album page and we will be endeavouring to get the song samples up very soon. I’m so very sorry!,.. especially if you’ve been a new ‘listener’ and have been looking for the new album,.. but I thank you for your patience so far. of course if you need any info on the new album,.. or just want to say Hi!,.. email me on moc.d1718738004nopgi1718738004b@enn1718738004yLner1718738004aK1718738004.