COUNTRY & CLASSICS DUO – Featuring Karen Lynne & Ron Wiggins

The duo is the most variable of all the formats. It is most suitable for Club lounges, Bars and Bistros. Consisting of male and female vocals, instruments & midifiles it’s a duo that performs a wide range of familiar covers. Karen sings a lot of the country classics while Ron takes up the Rock ‘n Roll classics and together it’s a fun mix. The repertoire includes a wide range of hits and classic Rock ‘n Roll over the years, including well known covers from the 50’s right through to the 90’s, from Artists such as Tina Arena, Celine Dion, John Cougar, Bryan Adams, the Eagles, the Beatles, Trisha Yearwood and many other country rock hits as well. A good fun, danceable selection of hits and classics that everyone is familiar with.

Best Suited to Club Bars, Bistros & Lounges that require good background listening & a little dance music eg. restaurants & up market Pub venues.

Appearances are generally based on $500  (4 hour show) + nominal fee to cover any ‘extra’ travelling costs if applicable – although all performance opportunities are negotiated on a ‘Case by case’ basis.