Pat Drummond is an Australian Singer/Songwriter who’s highly original music crosses the genres of country, folk and even Rock ‘n roll. From playing in the folk scene in the sixties, he moved to playing solo in the emerging Sydney pub scene of the seventies and built up a tremendous personal following which has continued for many years. He released his first album in 1979 and has followed it up with over a dozen LP’s, singles and CDs in the ensuing years. Based in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, his musical career now spans over three decades, his style these days being a cross between songwriting and journalism.  His well documented songs about real people and places are drawn from interviews gathered on his erratic tours across Australia and present a composite picture of that country and her people. He is first and foremost a communicator who writes songs about characters that are instantly recognisable; characters whose experiences reflect the lives of just about every Australian, from the sophisticated city dwellers of the most elite social set to the no nonsense bush people of The Outback.

While Pat has been working solo for many years he has also teamed up with other musicians during his 30 year journey as an entertainer, most notably singer/songwriter Karen Lynne. Karen has a style of music that ranges from Country, Bluegrass and Australian Folk and everything in between. Karen Lynne has taken great strides in her career as a singer/songwriter since starting out more than 20 years ago. Now, ten great albums, twelve major Award wins, over forty major Finalist Nominations, three international tours, over ten Australian Country Music Radio Chart hits and a number of overseas chart hits, and now a place in Country Music Capital’s Historic ‘Hands of Fame’ Park, she continues to demonstrate a dedication not often recognised in her field.

Karen & Pat’s musical partnership has continued for over ten years now and from this partnership have come two highly acclaimed Duet Albums, Six days in December, and Long Journey Home. Tracks from both albums are all Australian penned and have notched up an impressive record with wins in three categories of the QLD National Songwriting Competition – ‘General Country’, ‘Best Contemporary Song’ and ‘Overall Best Contemporary Song’. Six Days In December was a selection of Country flavoured love & story based songs of which 10 of the 11 songs were penned by Pat but also includes a couple of co-writes with Karen. One song ‘The Rush’, reached the Grand Finals of the TSA Australian National Country Songwriting Competition where it took out the Award for ‘Contemporary Country Song of the year’ in the 2001 Songwriter Salute Awards.  The Long Journey Home project is different in that it is a collection of true stories & characters, as well as some social comment songs of the type that Pat is well known for. The stories cover a vast scope,…  a Truck Driver on the Hay Plain, a reconciliation song based around a 2000 year old tree on Mt Warning,  and a reflection on Dreams and how we grow to hold them dear as we age. The album has some of Pat’s great character based songs including Trevor the sculptor, David the backpacker, Bob Scott, the spare parts salesman and a standout is the poignant tale of extraordinary forgiveness based around a mass murder that took place in the Amish community, Pennsylvania a few years ago. The sensitivity of the stories is reinforced by wonderful acoustic arrangements of guitar, mandolin, fiddle, even tin whistle & accordian, giving the album a feel that’s much more on the ‘folkier’ end of the ‘Country/Folk’ spectrum, whereas their first duet album was more on the ‘countrier’ side, both places of which Pat and Karen have always fitted quite comfortably. The credibility and depth that Pat brings to the project as a songwriter is balanced beautifully by the gentleness and emotion that Karen’s voice also brings to the project.  It’s this interaction that gives added credibility to Karen as an artist and in turn, a degree of sensitivity (perhaps even vulnerability) to Pat.

Not surprisingly, this album gained a Top 5 Finalist Nomination for “Vocal Collaboration” in the 2009 ‘TIARA’ Awards; a TSA (Songwriting) Top 5 Finalist Award for Pat for “Gospel Song of the Year”; a Top 5 Finalist Nomination in the Duet Section & a Top 10 Finalist Nomination in the “Trailblazers Heritage” Section of the Vic & National CM Awards. This album is a true duet album, featuring intertwining melody & harmony, and often complex counterpoint arrangements involving each switching from melody to harmony in many songs. As with their first album, the vocals balance beautifully whilst still effectively showcasing each other in their best light.

This album is Karen’s seventh release in an impressive independent catelogue of ten albums in total, and includes six solo albums (one released thru ABC Heartland), three collaborative offerings (with both Sydney Bluegrass band “Acoustic Shock” and Pat) and a compilation album of Radio Singles. Equally impressive (and almost an achievement in itself), this is the 18th album for Pat in his 30 year career. In receiving the “Independent Entertainer of  the Year” Award (Mildura Independent Country Music Awards), Pat was recognised for his amazing ability to entertain his audience whilst, making them an integral part in the show. There’s no doubt about it, he will make you laugh and cry, possibly all  in the same hour!  Whilst  both solo performers in their own right, this is a pairing of two very different but complementary talents. Karen is an exceptional singer and Pat, an amazingly skillful songwriter  & entertainer – his song introductions sometimes taking as long as his songs, and just as entertaining. This show is more suited for Festivals & Concert-type venues where the audience has come to listen and be entertained – rather than dance and drink. The show can also be presented in a shortened format and is a wonderful feature at Corporate functions & dinners where the need may be to provide a short showcase of  thought-provoking Australian  entertainment at it’s professional best. Most recently, their duet track “Dreams” has been included on ‘John Nutting’s Saturday Night Country 15th Anniversary Edition’ CD released by the ABC in 2009. All sound and lighting required is provided.