Tour – Aug/Sep 1999

NSW/VIC & SA Tour with Pat Drummond

Pat and I had been doing a lot of gigs together as a duo and it was important that we do a tour to get out and and seen by a much wider audience. We started at Parramatta mall and then headed to the Trundle Bush Tucker Festival (via a gig stop in Orange) heading South to my first Mildura Independent Country Music Festival, and what a great festival it is! (It’s no picnic though -we worked our little bottoms off!) It was then off westward via a beautiful place called the Pink Lakes, and yes, they were really pink (something to do with a byproduct produced by the algae in a salt lake which makes the water look pink), and salt lakes. I didn’t realise the land was so dry and that there were so many Salt Lakes in the Vic/SA area – huge white Lakes made of salt. I got to see some really beautiful country on these travels, the real Australia!

Then it was down to MorpethVale in SA for a gig (and a quick visit to Pat’s sister in law, Michelle! (so Pat could do the very un-blokey task of washing, and yes – I have it on camera to prove it!!) then we continued on up through the Flinders Ranges area to an amazing place called “Wilpena Pound” – almost like Australia’s Grand Canyon, and believe me, just as stunning! We were even lucky enough to get an aerial view – flown by pilot Georgina Sutton. The final leg of the tour took us back across to NSW and a school show at Whitton – meeting some great people once again (thanks Terri & Tracey!) and then home – stopping for a few last gigs on the way in Canberra, Nowra and Mt Kembla. It was a real eye opener for me, and for all his tough talk, blokey, opinionated, Soap Box stomp & yell persona, Pat Drummond is a real sweetie, and a thorough gentleman! (except when he speaks in foreign accents for days on end – then he is NO gentleman – and I tell him so!!). My thanks to Pat- such a great experience,.. some real Australia, much that I had never seen before and I encourage everyone to do the same if they ever get the chance.

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