Thank you

Thank You to:

Marty, my husband, my best friend & supporter. Thanks also to William my son, our biggest blessing. Thanks for everything you both give me.

All the wonderful Community & other Radio Broadcasters that play my music. This kind of promotion is priceless and very much appreciated. I won’t name you all for fear I will leave someone out.

All the media personnel that have taken precious time out to write articles, reviews and references for me over the years – it has helped me so much.

Pat Drummond for all the assistance, advice, inspiration and friendship he’s given and his family for allowing us the time and space to give our duo format a real go.

Barry, Ron, Bruce, Rob, Phil & Joe and more recently Marty, Dan, Nigel, Liz, Quentin, Jim and anyone who has joined me in my various bands oer the years , for however long. For one gig or many gigs. It is wonderful to share our music with you.

The venue operators & festival organisers all over the world who have given us the opportunity to play for your audiences,.. It has enriched our lives.

My Family, friends & supporters (I hate the word ‘fans’), for being there, for buying my albums and for telling me my songs stink (when they do) and when they give you goose bumps… here’s to more of the latter.

The Lord for giving me such a wonderful gift and the opportunity to use it.

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