Welcome at last to my new web page, and welcome of course to my world (well, a little bit of it anyway!).

While I guess it’s really only a peek, I hope you find something that interests you and even perhaps have a laugh or two. Sit down, get yourself a cuppa and have a flick through my scrapbook!

I’m not quite sure how you got here – although I am truly glad you came. I’m not quite sure what you were looking for, but stick around as there is lots of good stuff to see.  I should confess right up front that I never set out to be a singer. I was never a child performer, in fact all my life I’ve been painfully shy. At school my greatest dread was being picked for the debating team or the spontaneous “3-minute” speech (a favourite of my high school english teacher, Mr Cliff). Quite frankly it terrified me more than anyone will ever know. So how did I go from then to now you ask? It was no easy road…

I’ve been singing for over 20 years, over 10 years as a full time professional. I am very lucky to have been given such an opportunity, as so many out there don’t and for that reason I do not treat it lightly. Being an independent artist is no easy task. We do all our own planning, promotion, publicity and bookings. We are our own managers, booking agents, promotions officers, publicists, Musical Directors & tea ladies. But that doesn’t scare us. After singing for many years on a part-time basis (while working for over 10 years as a Personnel Officer), and then completing a Small Business course,  I decided that I was as prepared as I was ever going to be and it was time to give the Music industry a serious go. So here I am many years later, still going,  although some sort of clerical assistance wouldn’t go astray at times.  I work in many different formats and you can read all about them on this web site (you can even have a nostalgic peek at the past). Find out about all of these formats by looking under the to  the “INFO” menu above. My music life has been a mixture of playing in “hits ‘n classics” bands & duos (don’t shoot me – sometimes the bills needed to be paid) in a great Australian singer/songwriter country/folk show with Pat Drummond, doing solo gigs at restaurants, weddings and “guest spotting” on Country Music Shows, playing Old time Country music with my mate Barry Thompson and singing at Festivals in various Bluegrass Band formats including a wonderful stint with talented Sydney based Bluegrass Band “Acoustic Shock”.  My debut album “Labour of Love” in 1998 did better than I ever expected it to.  I was so sure it would be my only album. So sure in fact that I put folk, bluegrass and country music styles on it in order to show how much I loved all three styles, and here I am about to release album number ten.

It has been a long road and it is not finished yet. I hope there are many more miles to go – and I hope you will come along for the ride.

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